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Weather Underground
Dear PWS Owner,

We want to take the time to acknowledge, explain and apologize for the PWS network issues that you may have experienced over the past week. We’re happy to say the issues are now resolved and your service is fully restored.

The interruption of service was related to the hot patches applied to our servers to correct the recent Intel hardware security flaws. We can say with 100% confidence that the data you share with us is completely safe. The patches required systems to be rebooted and, as these systems came back online, many of them did not boot up cleanly.

Weather Underground was founded 23 years ago and some of the code and infrastructure supporting the PWS Network still date back to 1994. We invested significant resources to modernize that infrastructure in 2017 and those updates are nearly complete.

We thank you for your loyalty over the years in contributing to the World’s Largest PWS Network and look forward to continue serving you.

The WU Team
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